2012, at exhibition "Unfolding Landscape" at Sotheby's, Oct 2012.
Lu Zhou’s parents used to be a part of the team who built a giganticwater power station in south China, where she used to visit many times everyyear She has heard/seen/experienced some of the great power battles betweenriver, mountains, animals and human being. This vivid memory has strongly influencedher and nature later became one of the biggest concerns in her life.
The handmade fragile ornaments, which illustrate the beauty andpower of nature, are partly protected by the vessels. These ornaments showingthe top craftsmanship from Dehua, where has over 800 years history of making BLANC DE CHINE.
The main motifs in WAVE series are waterand fishes, which are having the worst environment problems in the reality. Lu Zhou wishesher work will arise the awareness of the sea and express her love for its beauty.
The makers, Chen Family are 2nd and 3rd generation masters of Chinese traditional porcelain in the Blanc de Chine style based in Dehua, Fujian Province, China. The 1st generation Master Chen Qitai, was bestowed the title “Fujian Province Traditional Folk Art Master”. He was the first ceramist to receive this title in Fujian Province.
In 2009, when Lu , who was studying at Royal College of Art in London, was introduced to the Chen Family by the British ceramic designer Peter Ting, she was amazed by the beauty of the Chen Family’s work. After several years of researching and working with crafts men and women in China & Japan, Lu Zhou formulated her personal design concept which is to bring traditional crafts and contemporary design closer together. Her work aims to maintain the beauty of traditional craftsmanship while infusing it with her own distinctively modern style.

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